WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 Service Pack 2 Released! Finally!

Top 5 reasons to upgrade! 1. Performance Reliability/Stability Fixes 2. Browser support for IE 8 and improvements in tier 2 browsers (Firefox) 3. Reliability improvements in Indexing and Index Corpus 4. Security Improvements 5. New STSADM Commands including some to fix corruption and relationships (orphaning) BONUS! Pre Upgrade Checker! – 960577 ( ) List of […]

Work In Progress

Back behind the computer and working it in anger again after a nice couple of weeks off travelling. Work on the next revisions of LookSee are already under way and I moving ahead as scheduled. I’m going to try and release a new revision each month, we all know how everyone loves new features to […]

LookSee – The Missing Manual

So, LookSee has been out for a month now and all seems to be going quite well. Too well one might say. I simply not ready for the uptake that the App would have and obviously with popularity you start to get the support emails. Now I’ve worked in a support role pretty much all […]