Trials and Tribulations of the SharePoint Server 2010 User Profile Service Application

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For us, identity is such a big piece of work so we wanted to centralise the whole import and transform process with a publishing and consuming farm topology. We import users from Active Directory here and also supplement the profiles with additional data from third party databases and LOB systems such as Oracle databases, JD […]

SharePoint Server 2010 Supplementing User Profile Imports Using BCS

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The User Profile Service Application is used to synchronise data from Active Directory to the profile database maintained by SharePoint. The profile database contains rich information about end users that can be displayed in sites. The User Profile service application maps Active Directory fields to fields in the user ’s profile. On a scheduled basis, this information is […]

SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Service Application Publishing and Consuming Farms

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As I’ve been getting to grips with SharePoint Server 2010 I’m really starting to appreciate how modular and how WAN friendly the product is. Our organisation is a large multinational with major regional sites around the world, unfortunately not every regional site has SharePoint Administrators available for their disposal. With that in mind we wanted […]

LookSee 2.0 FUBAR Release

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Hi All, Just wanted to say there was a slight quality control issue with the release of the 2.0 version. When you Zoom In and Out the page numbers will jump when viewing PDF files. How this escaped this eagle eye is beyond me, but there is a 2.1 release sitting in the App Store […]

WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 Service Pack 2 Released! Finally!

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Top 5 reasons to upgrade! 1. Performance Reliability/Stability Fixes 2. Browser support for IE 8 and improvements in tier 2 browsers (Firefox) 3. Reliability improvements in Indexing and Index Corpus 4. Security Improvements 5. New STSADM Commands including some to fix corruption and relationships (orphaning) BONUS! Pre Upgrade Checker! – 960577 ( ) List of […]